Genesis Rising

Genesis Rising 1.02

Genesis Rising is an strategy game developed by Metamorf Studios

Genesis Rising is an strategy game developed by Metamorf Studios.
In the distant future, the human race must fight for survival against the aliens. The story tells that a man was able to bring together other men and fight against them. Then that hero was killed but the human race realized that the war just began. Three thousand years later, humans have conquered most of the universe inspired by this hero. It was created an interstellar Church, with an Inquisition that decides which races lives and which ones do not. Your character is a captain and your mission is to find the center of the universe, which appears to be in the final galaxy that is not conquered. You will have to fight against aliens, humans and your boss. Your ship is organic, the ships are created from blood, which can mutate and grow as a living being. The idea is to disable enemy vessels and suck them dry of their blood and the genes that give them traits and attributes.

Graphics and sound
The designs of the ships are very good. In general, the graphics are very good. The sound effects are quite good and the soundtrack is good but not amazing.

In conclusion, is an interesting game.

María Noel Balla
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Review summary


  • Great graphics


  • You will probably have problems in combat if you want to change the game speed
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